Top of the Pile: April 16th

These are the books the staff are most excited to read this week:

Jenn: Captain Action Cat #1 – I’m always excited to see what Art Baltazar and Franco (creative team behind Tiny Titans, Superman Family Adventures, and Aw Yeah Comics) have come up with next.

Amy: Three Thieves vol.4 King’s Dragon - This fantasy series by local Scott Chantler will appeal to fans of Bone, Amulet and Castle Waiting.  Check out the book trailer here:

Hannah: Sex Criminals vol.1 - It’s got a feisty female protagonist and lots of sexual innuendos. Plus it’s drawn by Torontonian Chip Zdarsky!

Bre: Harley Quinn #5 - The new issue introduces a lot of her well-deserved enemies and promises some violence. Should be a good continuation of her character development after meeting her neighbours in issue #4.

Caleb: Ultimate FF #1 - Because anything in the Ultimate universe is my top of the pile.